#GINKAOYANG: Hot Congee on Rainy Morning

Rice congee is pronounced 'chok' (โจ๊ก) in Thai. It's a loanword from Min Nan Chinese (粥). Chok is often served as breakfast, or we eat it for lunch or dinner especially we feel bloated and want a light meal. 

I have been seeing people queuing for this stall every morning. I actually did not know what was the menu, as I was lazy to join the queue or bother. But the queue on this rainy morning was short, so I gave it a try, and found out he sells congee! A hot congee on rainy morning was truly heartwarming.

I was not very fluently in Thai, so I always ended up say 'yes' all the time. The congee I bought came with half-boild egg, plus minced pork, chopped spring onions, topped with fried garlic, slivered ginger, and spicy pickles such as pickled radish.


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